Martiros Saryan's exhibition was organized within the framework of the Days of Armenian Culture in Russia. The exhibition includes about 30 paintings, mostly related to the period of the 1910s, the time of mastering, when Saryan became famous.

When the understanding of the fact that other human lives are just as valuable as your own is reflected not only in everyday life, but also in the art, then something important happens: the art arouses a desire even in most indifferent individuals to live not only for themselves, but also for those around them.

Khachaturian trio was founded as trio “Arsika” in 1999. It has toured extensively throughout the Central and South America, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, China, Bulgaria, Australia, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Armenia.

Manouk Haroutyunyan’s studio is comprised of two small rooms. One can smell the aroma of wood, resin and something else which reminds of the scent of newly cut grass. A large carpet hangs on the wall, a smaller one served as a couch for instruments which are everywhere with revived souls.

In Armenia Sputnik news Agency started its work in November 2014. On the concept of a news Agency says the chief editor of Armenia Sputnik, Alina Ordian.