Resorts in Armenia

Many Armenian health resorts are famous for curative air, mineral springs and the scenery beauty. Armenian mineral waters serve as remedies for stomach, kidney, liver diseases and metabolic disorder.

Kotayk Marz, Arzni

Health resort Arzni lies 25 km north to Yerevan, in the picturesque gorge of the river Hrazdan at the height of 1250 m.
Arzni is famous for its mineral water "Arzni", the healing power of which has been known since ancient times.
Waters in Arzni, which contain many carbonic acid gases, are used for bathing and drinking.
They are used to cure cardiovascular diseases, liver, and alimentary canal.
The climate is mild and temperate; the average temperature in the region is +18, +20 in summer and -17, -18C in winter.


Tsaghkadzor is one of the oldest health resorts in Armenia. It is 1845 m above the sea level; it is surrounded by forests and magnificent meadows not without reason "Tsaghkadzor", translated from Armenian means "Valley of flowers". The climate is mild, the air is filled with the scent of grass and most part of winter is sunny. In Tsaghkadzor there never occur sharp frosts notwithstanding the fact that the ski season starts in mid November (it lasts till the end of March), the resort works both in summer and in winter. However, snowfalls are heavy. The blanket of snow is rather firm and it reaches 1500-meter thickness. In winter average temperature is -3 -5 C and in summer +20 +25 C. In Tsaghkadzor there are all the conditions for skiing and snowboarding, beginners and skilful amateurs. And if one wishes one can hire an instructor and rent all the necessary equipment on the spot. There is a five-km long three-level funicular which will take you to a height of 2500 m from where a unique view of the Hrazdan gorge unfolds. To warm oneself after skiing and taste dishes of Armenian and European cuisine, there are a great number of boarding houses, holiday homes and tourist centers as well as cozy restaurants and cafes. An 11-12 c. architectural monument, monastery Kecharis is also situated here.


Hankavan is situated not a long way from Tsaghkadzor at a height of 1900 m above sea level in the valley of the river Marmarik.
The nature is magnificent here - mountains covered with thick forests.
In Hankavan there are many mineral springs, as well as places where one can take a bath in warm mineral water, it is pleasant especially in the evening.
Summer is hot here, but it is cold in the evening, it is one of the peculiarities of the mountain air.
Hankavan has boarding houses and holiday homes.


Dilijan is famous for pure healing air, it is called Armenian tiny Switzerland- it is a real paradise for the sick having various pulmonary diseases. It is located in the canton of the river Aghstev and is encircled by forests (pine trees predominate), the area is not mountainous, the fact providing for pleasant and stimulating stroll through the forest. Many tourists visit Dilijan in summertime. There are a great many private houses for rent; some are designed as if they were built in the olden times, there are also holiday homes. In the locality of Dilijan there are quite few ancient architectural monuments. Ona can take an interesting stroll to the East from Dilijan, picturesque Lake Parz Lich and monastery Goshavank resting and spending the night by the lake. Haghartsin, a monument built in 13 c, is situated not far from Dilijan.

Vayotz Dzor Marz, Jermuk

Jermuk, a small health resort, lies on the bank of the river Arpa, among mountain masses and deep gorges at the height of 2080 m above sea level.
The weather is cool in summer and mild in winder.
Like most health resorts in Armenia Jermuk is famous for mineral waters.
Mineral water ‘Jermuk’ is used both in medicine and as drinking mineral water which is rich in various microelements, has curative properties and is useful for curing many diseases.

Gegharkunik Marz, Lake Sevan

The unique turquoise color of Lake Sevan in any weather is still a mystery for explorers. It is a volcanic lake, the water is sweet.
The surface of the water is at the height of 1897 m above sea level. Almost everywhere on the shore there are beaches, cafes and tiny restaurants. Average temperature of the air is -10 -12 C in winter and +20 +30 C in summer. Here there are gorgeous and comfortable hotels, small boarding houses; one can as well rent cottages just on the shore of the lake.
In the neighborhood there are many historical monuments, one of which, a monastery, built in the 7 c. is located on the rocky peninsula.