YerevanContinuously changing, romantic and contrasting Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is spread approximately at an equal distance from two mighty mountains massive – Aragats and Ararat, the symbol of Armenia. Yerevan is surrounded by its history, it rests in it, and it grows out of it. Human activity traces on the borders of today’s Yerevan go back to 80-50 millennium. Erebuni is the oldest name of Yerevan. Erebuni was founded in 782 BC, on the hill Arin-berd, which is located in the southeast of modern Yerevan (now the historical museum “Erebuni” stands there). Then Erebuni became a powerful fort(in the territory of the ancient State Urartu). During the excavation, a lot of bronze and iron instruments, clay jugs, weapons and decorations have been found. In its history, the city often fell prey to invasions of aliens, plunders and destructions. It passed from hand to hand, becoming a residence for Persian khan or Turkish pasha…

Cascad We can boldly call today’s Yerevan a city of contrasts. Being a mixture of the East and West cultures, the past and the present give the city a unique coloring. Modern buildings of steel and glass neighbor on quiet streets dating back to 10-20s of the last century, where engraved balconies and wooden doors of old houses reveal the past: luxurious boutiques and supermarkets neighbor small souvenir shops, where one can buy Armenian oldest hand-made carpets. Monument Arno Babadjanyan Tufa stone of volcano origin has been used for constructions in Armenia for a long time, and now this multi-colored stone with all of its splendor governs the architecture in Yerevan. All colors of rainbow exist in the stone: violet, pink, orange, cream, dark, reddish and white tufa buildings look very harmonious. Yerevan is one of the hottest cities in the Caucasus region. Winter is mild here, spring is short, during several days of spring fruit and decorative trees blossom, and the city reminds of a big flower garden.

Northern AvenueSummer in Yerevan is hot and dry (the average temperature in June is +26C, and the maximal is +41). Autumn in Yerevan is unforgettable: it is soft, without winds, warm and long (as a rule, until the middle of December trees are still covered with autumn golden-reddish leaves, the sky is cloudless). In order to feel the city’s atmosphere, one should spend here not several hours, but several days: to watch the lights of Yerevan from the high steps of Cascade at night, which leads from Tamanyan street to the park Haghtanak, to walk in one of the oldest streets of Yerevan – Abovyan street, (there are a lot of boutiques, souvenir shops and ancient buildings, which are to be admired at)...
North Avenue in YerevanYou can a walk in North Avenue, or in Vernisage (there are two of them in Yerevan: one is beside Saryan’s monument on Moskovyan street, where only pictures are exhibited, the other is on Hanrapetutyun street, where besides pictures there is a large assortment of different handcrafted objects and souvenirs).

Evening Yerevan There are also great many museums, galleries and art salons where you can find many interesting things about the history of Armenia. Of course, after having a walk in ancient Yerevan, visiting museums, doing shopping, you would like to spend a pleasant evening. Yerevan is very alive in the evening and at night, too. There are a lot of concert halls and movie houses, disco and nightclubs, bars with live music (rock, jazz, folk, pop).
Republic squareWhen it is dark, Yerevan becomes unrecognizable: from business city, it turns into a mixture of night-lights, full of sounds of music and laughter. You will have no problems concerning where to have lunch or dinner, what cuisine to taste; there are many cafes, luxurious and democratic restaurants, pizza houses in Yerevan. They all are distinguished by highly qualified cuisines, excellent service and original interior. There are great many sidewalk cafes where one spends pleasant evenings listening to beautiful music. The day, full of new impressions, pleasant shopping and evening rest, is over… Tomorrow a new day will begin, another day revealing more of the city that will certainly make you want more and more.