Travel in Armenia

These are the following: VIP service at the airport, a great number of tour packages and tours, hotel reservations in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, guide-interpreters, as well as organization of meetings, seminars and conferences (for businessmen). What could be the most interesting thing for a tourist? Many tour agencies offer their own particular kinds of tours. For instance, there can be mountaineering tours of various degrees of difficulty. There can also be ethnic tours, which sometimes include participations in celebration of an ethnic holiday (t bus trip to the place where the celebration is held, breakfast break on the way, participation in the holiday and ceremony, a walk in the neighborhood for about 2-3 hours and return to Yerevan). You should arrange everything with tour-operator two weeks in advance.

You can also live in a small village, among grazing cows and sheep, among red-cheeked children, so to say, close to nature. That is one of the peculiarities of an ethnic-tour . You can even see how matsun(yogurt) is made, taste young wine from a villager’s cellar, eat lavash(national bread), baked in front of you, and sheep cheese (by the way, Armenian villagers are very hospitable and communicative). Cognitive tours are specially for specialists studying flora and fauna in Armenia. These tours also include ornithological and entomological ones.

Business-tours are trips to factories and firms in Armenia. If needed, tour-agencies can arrange business-meeting with a representative of the company, the tourist is most interested in. Such tours are mostly for people, who want to combine pleasure with usefulness, to relax and at the same time make a good business. Educational tours are trips to educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities of the RA. Many foreigners, specially representatives of Diaspora, desire to get education in Armenia. Entertainment or adventure tours basically include trips to different regions of Armenia with individual choice of clients. Every tour agency has individual approach to each client and his or her preferences. Thus, if you are not interested in any tour offered here, you will be given an opportunity of having a new tour-package according to your requirements. You will be provided with insurance, a guide-interpreter and a concierge. Transportation depends on the price.You can pick out a luxurious micro-bus or the bestcar with conditioning and a bar , or a small bus,it is your choice. The price policy of several tour-agencies is quite flexible, there might be discounts. Anyway, it is desirable to negotiate with tour-agencies a month before your visit to the country especially during the hot season.

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