HASU specialized clinic of implantology and aesthetic dentistry


Armenia, Yerevan, Rostomi St., 29 Building, 1st Floor
Phone: (+37410) 55 86 98, (+37410) 55 97 25


HASU is a modern dental clinic situated in the center of the city, still hidden from the city noise and dust, with a nice green lawn and a pretty, comfortable garden in the backyard. Talented designers Mariam and Mikael Mailyan have done everything possible to create an ambiance of peacefulness and warmth for our patients.
The friendly atmosphere and professionalism of our medical team will make your time spent in HASU clinic a pleasant experience. We believe that state-of-art equipment is a guarantee to beautiful and healthy teeth, therefore, at HASU clinic we keep up with everything new in the field. Because we know how precious your time is, we are punctual with the programming hours and we adapt to any situations that may occur in your plans.
For those patients, who arrive in their own cars, the clinic provides underground parking space.


General stomatology

• Endodontics: lateral and vertical condensation
• Teeth filling with modern composire restorations
• Conservative treatment of periodontal disease
• Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentistry
• Laser Teeth Whitening.


• Dental implants using minimum eight implant systems
• Surgical treatment of inflammatory diseases, resection of root apex, root resection, amputation, hemisection
• Treatment of acute purulent inflammatory diseases – abscess, periostitis
• Reconstruction of bone, grafting of bone and bone tissue, which is necessary for the installation of the implant
• Bone grafting, which is performed in conditions of absolute safety and hygiene
• Surgical treatment of periodontal disease
• Removal of benign oral tumors
• Treatment of trauma of teeth and other organs of the mouth
• Simple and complex extractions, including the removal of retention teeth.

Orthodontics and Orthopedics

• Treatment of congenital and acquired disorders and defects of teeth and jaws
• Traditional and complex prosthetics of teeth and jaws, artificial tooth crowns from various ceramic materials, manufacturing of fixed bridges, production of various kinds of mobile prostheses, as well as the entire range of implant prosthetics
• Production of ceramic veneers
• Production of microprotheses.

Preventive stomatology

• Professional cleaning
• Scaling
• Sealing grooves
• Detection and treatment of caries
• Fluoridation.