Modern Implant Medicine armenian-german medical center of maxillofacial and plastic surgery


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Grigori Khachatrian
founder and
head of the

MF surgeon
Doctor of Medicin
L. Khachatrian
Director of
the “МIM” MC

MF surgeon
in the Dept.of
MF&plastic surgery

of the
medical center

MF surgeon

of the
medical center

of “МIM” MC
of the "Arabkir"
and "Sebastia" MC


Modern Implant Medicine is an Armenian-German medical center of maxillofacial and plastic surgery that has been established in 2009.
Till 2012 it has been acting in Yerevan 3rd Clinical Hospital.
Since 2012 it has started to admit its patients in individual maxillofacial surgery center that is fully completed with modern medical technologies and equipment.
The clinic provides the following medical services:
oral cavity and orthognathic surgery
implantology and rhinoplasty as well as expulsion of maxillofacial
and other neoplasms surround the neck.
There is also unique dental orthopantomograph Sirona GALILEOS in the medical center that makes 3D diagnostic procedures enhancing in-depth analysis and diagnostics. Grigori Khachatrian, one of the leading Armenian specialists in the field of MFS is the founder and the head of the Center.
The staff of clinic is consists of professional doctors and serving employees who periodically retrain in Germany’s and European famous specialized medical centers.
Modern Implant Medicine actively collaborates with German ESTETICA Clinic and well-known Ankylos brand representative DENTSPLY Friadent companies for the purposes of experience exchange and medical equipment acquiring.


At “MIM” medical center you may perform computer-aided tomography on the only apparatus of the latest generation in Armenia - GALILEOS Comfort dental computer scanner of SIRONA firm. At every stage of implantation process its successful completion is guaranteed due to organizational, technologic and technical support. A very important stage of implantation, such as diagnostics and planning, has the most serious technical support. Our clinic is equipped with the first and, for today, the only one in Armenia three-dimensional dental computer scanner GALILEOS Comfort of SIRONA firm, particularly, thanks to this super modern equipment we carry out the implantation process so successfully. The GALILEOS specialized dental computer scanner enables to expose the position, shape, sizes, construction of all the elements of dento-alveolar system, maxillo-facial region, maxillary sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints during a single survey. Indications to perform computer-aided tomography:
•implantation planning
•diagnostics of inflammatory changes of the bone tissue in the area of dental apexes
•evaluation of the quality of the filling of dental root canals
•evaluation of periodontitis extent
•diagnostics of different diseases of temporo-mandibular joints
•positioning of retented and dislocated teeth
•for children – diagnostics of pathologies of milk teeth and malformation of dento-alveolar system
•diagnostics and evaluation of fractures of maxilla-facial
•diagnostics of inflammatory diseases and tumors of maxillary sinuses for ENT-specialists.

Maxillofacial endoscopy with Karl Storz endoscopic devices
The clinic is equipped with endoscopic equipments of the famous Karl Storz brand. Surgical stomatology and maxillofacial surgery - these are the fields where endoscopy makes new achievements and plays a greater role. Karl Storz company devices enable the surgeons to perform series of minimal invasive surgical procedures, including:
•Endoscopic treatment of salivary ducts
•Arthroscopy_surgical procedure of TMJ
•Endoscopic assisted maxillofacial surgeries
•Endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses.


Pathologies, that are treated in the clinic, include bone traumas of the facial skull and their consequences, benign and malignant tumors of the skin, bones, neck and salivary glands, salivolithiasis, maxillary sinusitis, cicatricial and post-traumatic facial deformations, diseases of the facialis and trigeminus, jaw dysplasia, inborn deformations of the external nose, eyelids and auricles and all kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgery on the face.
Services of the otolaryngologist:
•removal of turbinates of nose (turbinotomy).
•reduction of turbinates of nose (azotemia).


We have over fifteen years of extensive experience in Dental Implantology.
The major surgical services provided by the center are operations in complicated cases of atrophy of alveolar jaw bone and dental implantation with flap surgeries (implant placement with iliac crest, shoulder and fibula bone flaps).
Implantological treatment algorithms have been developed for patients with diabetes and hypertonic diseases.
Auto and allogeneic transplants of Bone Ring, Sandwich, Sinus lift, Transzygomatic, Transtuberal, reconstruction of n.alveolaris inferior, implant placement for supporting complex maxillofacial prostheses are practiced.

A single stage method of immediateprostheticsis also used. Ankylos C/X implant placement gives stable functional aesthetic results.
At the request of the patients and in special cases implantation is performed under general anaesthesia.
Implant placement in the vascularized fibula autotransplantat before and after the surgery.


•Maxillofacial and Reconstructive surgery
•Orthognathic surgery of jaws
•Oral surgery
•Cone Beam Diagnostics (GALILEOS Comfort)
•Maxillofacial endoscopy with Karl Storz endoscopic devices.
•Surgery of the mouth cavity
•Reconstructive surgery of jaws
•plastic surgery on the face
•Surgical treatment of tumors of maxillo-facial area and the neck
•Surgical treatment of congenial malformations
•Surgical correction of the occlusion
In the Center they also perform simultaneous operations. For instance, combination of rhinoplasty and mentoplasty(chin plastics) with further orthodontic treatment (teeth correction). At more complicated deformations of the facial scull rhinoplasty may be combined with osteotomy of upper and lower jaws in order to correct the shape of the face and the occlusion of dentitions.


Our Center is the partner of “AESTHETICS” clinic (Germany) with which it is in close collaboration. The ESTETICA CLINIC on Spitaler Hof is the center of excellence for all your cosmetic needs, varying from dental implantology and laser eye surgery using the LASIK-method to holistic cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. In addition to post-operative care our Beauty offers a wide range of other cosmetic services. Professionally and scientifically founded anti-aging medicine and orthopedics crown our spectrum of services. Prof. (CIS) MD. (CIS) George Khoury and Dr. Med. Carsten Knebel, well renowned and experienced specialists, stand behind the ESTETICA CLINIC name. They and their team of surgeons ensure the health and beauty of each and every patient.

In the "MIM" Center are used placement system ANKYLOS (of "Dentsply Friadent", Germany).
The new ANKYLOS C/X placement system enables accurate positioning of implants with a view of the implant shoulder even with subcrestal placement.
The progressive thread design makes it easy to screw the implants into position and enhances tissue retention. The keyed and friction-locked TissueCare Connection makes surgery and prosthetics completely independent from each other.
And with only one diameter for all prosthetic components any abutment can be combined with any implant as desired – now with the option of indexing.
For a brilliant result over the long term and economical treatment combined with lower storage requirements.