Armenia, Yerevan, 59/1 Tsarav Aghbyuri str.
phone: +374 10 62-91-00, +374 60 43-43-03

Atenk Company was founded in 1993 by father and son Yeritsyans. Starting with three types of sausage production, the company gradually enlarged both the products and the production volume. Atenk Company is using qualified meat, natural spices and ingredients, guided with the only mission to deliver sterling products to consumers. Although the work with natural ingredients is harder and longer, we have chosen this path, for the sake of accurate meat.

While the other big productions for smoking process are applying liquid smoke, we are implementing smoking process only with natural smoke for the sake of high quality and unique taste. We are concerned not only about the laboratory research of meat used as a raw material, but also about the supervision of sanitary conditions of the production and storage.
All this is possible due to utilization of modern equipment, observance of international standards, quality control management system, environmental protection, maintenance of transparency for state inspection bodies and valuing of human factor.


• Convenience Food: Chicken, Chicken Cutlets, Chicken Kiev (Kiev-Style Cutlets), Cutlets made from Mixed Ground/Minced Meat, Ground/Minced Beef, for Cutlets and Kebab, Meat, Pelmeni, Pork
• Convenience Food for Barbecue: Iki-Bir
• Convenience Food for Beef Kebab
• Convenience Food for Chicken Kebab
• Production of Frozen Convenience Food
• Cutlets: Beef, Frozen
• Khash: Frozen
• Khinkali: Frozen
• Kololak: Frozen

• Basturma
• Chickens: Smoked
• Cold Boiled Pork
• Fillets: Smoked
• Ham, Ham Smoked
• Jerky
• Polonies
• Pork Fat: Smoked
• Pork Ribs: Smoked
• Sausages: Cooked, Half-Smoked, Small, Smoked, Summer, Summer - Salami, for Hot Dogs
• Smoked Food
• Soudjoukh/Sujuk