AVANTA innovative medical center


Armenia, Yerevan, Mkhitar Heratsu St., 1/1
Phone: (+37412) 323232 - 11


Dental department of innovative medical center
Armenia, Yerevan, Mkhitar Heratsu St., 1/1
(+37412) 323232 - 11

Aesthetic medicine department of innovative medical center
Armenia, Yerevan, Mkhitar Heratsu St., 1/1
(+37412) 323232 - 22

Center for modern dentistry
Armenia, Yerevan, Zakyan St., 5
(+37412) 323232 - 12

Center for aesthetic medicine
Armenia, Yerevan, Hrachya Kochari St., 15
(+37412) 323232 - 21

Center for modern epilation
Armenia, Yerevan, Mashtotsi Ave., 14
(+37412) 323232 - 23

Center for modern epilation
Armenia, Yerevan, Garegin Nzhdehi St., 4
(+37412) 323232 - 24


The translation of “Avanta” is forward. It reflects well the direction of the medical Center oriented only on the most advanced and progressive medical technologies. The main aim of the establishment of “Avanta” Clinics in 2002 was the introduction and advancement of the modern technologies and treatment methods in the field of dentistry and cosmetology on the territory of Republic of Armenia.Over the years The Clinical Center For Advanced Dentistry, renamed since 2004 to The Center For Dental Implantology “Avanta” has presented healthy smiles to the many thousands of people of Armenia as well as to the guests of our country.


Dental Tourism in Armenia

Avanta as a modern center of dentistry and implantology provides state-of-the-art dental services and treatment for people who require implants, minor oral surgeries, orthodontic treatment, endodontic treatment, fixed and removable prostheses including crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays and other cosmetic dentistry. Our dental clinic is equipped with world famous German dental equipment and technology and also with a digital panoramic x-ray machine to achieve a precise diagnosis that is for the best convenience for the patients . On top of these, the good news for the dental tourist is that Avanta is the only clinic in Armenia that delivers all ceramic crowns and veneers in one appointment with cutting age German technology called CEREC.


• Diagnostics and treatment plan development
• Implantation of any complexity
• Veneers, dental crowns
• Оcclusion correction, teeth alignment
• Teeth Whitening
• Pediatric dentistry
• Surgery
• Root Canal Treatment
• Gum Disease
• Laboratory
• Digital dentistry
• Prophylactic programs.


• Facial rejuvenation programs
• Laser cosmetology and gynecology
• Hair removal
• Fotona 4D
• Vivace
• Slimming and cellulite
• Hair loss and transplantation
• Nails and foot lesions
• Dermatological procedures
• Moles, tumors lesion and removal
• Other services.