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Amethyst The credo of Amethyst Studio beauty salon is creation of a new original image, maximum exposing your individuality, as well as endless possibilities in creating that image.
In hairdresser’s room you will be met by highly skilled stylists who regularly raise their professional level at the best schools, prestigious workshops and master-classes.
The beauty salon is intended for those people who tend to look stylish and well- groomed.
Besides high quality hairdresser’s services at the “Amethyst” you will be offered a wide choice of most progressive methods in the sphere of cosmetology, massage, manicure, pedicure and nail modeling.
We use only professional cosmetics for a hair: L`Oreal Professinnel, Kydra, Alterna, La Bioesthetique.


Hairdresser’s servicesStylish haircut, healthy and shiny hair and skillfully chosen color – all this may change and beautify your appearance.
Our specialists are always willing to listen to your wishes, suggest something new and together with you come to a brilliant result, and high skills and professional cosmetics will make it possible for you to really enjoy it. Rich hair beautifies any woman. Our masters will pick for you a suitable hairstyle, dye your hair and will teach you to take care of your hair correctly. Even most unordinary ideas on changing your appearance may come true in our beauty salon.

Wedding and evening hairstyles with tiara

Wedding and evening hairstylesOne of the main components of any holiday - hairstyle.
It gives the image of perfection, the balance of all the details and creates the necessary mood.
Using luxurious, sophisticated hairstyles modest dress can be turned into festive.
Properly chosen hairstyle highlights Your dignity, and with the help of tiaras you will become a Queen of the festival.
Your hair on the basis of tiaras for wedding, prom and evening events, whether a corporate party or reception will be refined to respond to you.
Any girl dreams to look like a luxurious wedding, elegant and romantic at the same time.
Hairstyle with a tiara will make your image unique and memorable.
In the salon-Studio "Amethyst" we offer several types of crowns and a variety of hairstyles that will choose individually for each visitor, our specialist (tiaras give up the rent).

We offers

We offersIf you want to undergo several different treatments in our salon - makeover, haircut or hair styling and manicure/pedicure - our experts can serve you concurrently and your time will be saved.
•Dying (intensive toning, mix-tone, multi-color formula, blond, natural, extra red, etc.), American color, tiger dying, hair bleaching, root dying, also hair treatment, masks for hair and care by the newest technologies, elimination of the problem of hair shedding.
•Different salon haircutting, styling
( men’s, women’s, children’s, podium, evening, wedding)
•African braids
•Chemical curling of hair
•Chemical smoothing of hair.

We also offer the following services:

Spa hair care Protopak 5+ (MATRIX. PRO SOLUTIONIST)

Spa hair careMatrix Essentials 5+ Protopak Restructurizing Treatment contains key structural amino acids and conditioning complexes to repair inner damage caused by excessive chemical services and thermal styling.
Rebuilds the hair structure and helps prevent breakage. Panthenol improves moisture balance, tensile strength and elasticity.
Matrix Total Results Pro Solutionist 5 + Protopak helps rebuild the cuticle to improve the texture and appearance of dry, damaged hair.
The restructuring treatment helps repair the hair fiber and improve strength to help reduce breakage.

Medical haircut hot scissors

Medical haircut hot scissorsMedical haircut hot scissors - the modern way to take care of the beauty and health of your hair and get rid of split ends.
In normal haircut disrupted the structure of the hair. Because their structure is such that, when cutting with scissors harmful elements penetrate our hair and spoil them.
The effect of "hot" hairstyle seen immediately - cease to split hairs and be brittle.
Haircut hot scissors as if each block cut hairs, and so the hair retain moisture, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. Hot hair has a therapeutic effect after the first procedure, saving your hair from split ends.

Lamination of hair

Lamination of hairLamination of hair - is the most important discovery in the world of hairdressing today. Lamination of hair became reality! It is a great way to repair your dameged hair after chemical, frequent pilings with the application of a strong fixation, unprofessional coloring or artificial hair straightening.
Also, your hair structure and their condition depends on weather and on the method of hair care.
Today we can correct the "mistakes of nature"! Hair lamination gives "a second chance" to women, who put their hair under different experiments, hairdressers and stylists.
Also it gives a new chance to their hair , that became lifeless and "unhappy". Only hair lamination procedure can absolutely guarantee to strengthen your hair.

Hair and scalp treatment

Hair and scalp treatment
Make use of our complex treatment of hair and scalp: as a result of using unique medical methods and preparations the internal structure of protein ties of the hair is restored, a process of saturation with proteins and lipids takes place.
Due to a high concentration of active components, the healing effect on the hair goes on for two weeks after the manipulation.


Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure Manicure and pedicure are essential parts of a contemporary man. It is impossible to imagine a successful woman or a respectable man with badly cared hands or feet. We use popular technologies of nail growth. In the result of this kind of growth you will have flexible and strong, elastic nails, always neat and of a definite shape. And what is most important, they will last long. Your nails will be easy to take care of and they will have beautiful design much longer than natural nails would.
We offers its clents «delux» class procedures, based on progressive technologies and best preparations:
•Nail grafting
•Nail correction
•Manicure (Classical, hardware, SPA)
•Pedicure (Classical, hardware, SPA, Gehwol)
•Nail art
•Shellac: makes the covering process into pleasure. Shellac is the first hybrid nail cover that combines the best features of professional nail polish and modern modeling gels. It is designed according to mail specialists and their client needs. It meets all modern requirements.


Your skin changes constantly under the influence of the environment and irreversible biological processes.
Only permanent care will help to preserve your beauty!
A visit to cosmetology room will not only solve a number of problems, but also give you a chance to have a good time and relax.
Fighting against problems is more complicated, than preventing them.

Cosmetology services

Cosmetology •Supporting manipulation for mature skin care
•Traditional face care
•Face massage
•Aroma Therapy
•Treatment of problematic skin
•Apparatus cosmetology
•Correction of brow line
•Depilation, photoepilation
•Ear piercing
•Lash grafting
•Tattoo (brows, eyes, lips, body) temporary and permanent
•Holiday and every day make-up(Make Up Atelier)
•Body Art.

Used cosmetic lines:

Used cosmetic lines
Academie, Uriage, Mira Luxe
Esthe Nature