Artsakh has the potential for development of solar energy sector, deputy minister says

The Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) Republic Ministry of Economy studies the prospects of solar energy sector in the Republic, as assigned by the country’s Prime Minister, Deputy Minister of Economy Tigran Gabrielyan told ArtsakhPress agency.

June 16, 2017. “The Prime Minister has given an assignment to submit a timetable for activities. Within a six-month period, our specialists are set to explore all the prospects of the solar energy sector. Certain proposals on the sector development will follow upon completion of the work,” Gabrielyan said, noting Artsakh has huge potential for development of the solar energy sector.
As the deputy minister informed, today mapping is underway with outlining the locations throughout the country for deployment of solar stations. “There are investors interested in the sector as we need to present concrete calculations. After concluding the examinations, the government will conduct a targeted work with investors,” deputy minister has added.
In his words the cabinet prioritizes the work with population on importance of solar energy as well with periodical information campaigns slated for the coming months.
Apart from that, Gabrielyan said, the Prime Minister has given an assignment to explore the possibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of newly-constructed residential buildings. We are set to conclude our comprehensive studies in September and October on all of the above-mentioned issues,” Gabrielyan said.