HELIOS dermatology and cosmetology center

Armenia, Yerevan, Sayat-Nova Ave., 11/2
Tel: (+374 60) 62 44 44, (+374 96) 62 44 44


"Helios" medical center was founded by diaspora Armenian entrepreneurs Helen Azaryan and Philip Patatanian in 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia. With the ideology of spreading a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, the center is destined to deliver high-quality medical, aesthetic, SPA, diagnostic and microbiology laboratory services. Helios medical center occupies its unique place in Armenian health care by shaping new and developed system of medical and aesthetic services. Our mission is to "Create the Good". Our mission is to "Transmit the secret of beautiful and healthy lifestyle". The center delivers services in compliance with international standards. Scheduling appointments is done at the clients’ convenience, queues are avoided, clarity and reliability is guaranteed. We strictly adherence to our working principles and our skillful specialists are always ready to address the concerns and needs of our clients. Thank to all these, "Helios" medical center is always highly appreciated by its clients. The center delivers services in compliance with international standards. We provide high-quality Medical, Aesthetic, SPA, Diagnostic and Microbiology Laboratory services. The clients are cordially accepted by skillful specialists with much working experience. The founders of the center were guided by the vision of creating a healthcare excellency center with the philosophy of sincere intention and disciplined activities serving as basis for their establishment.


• Facial Contouring
• Botulinum Toxin Type A
• Plasmatherapy PRP
• Biorevitalization
• Mesotherapy
• Dermapen
• Carboxytherapy
• Microcurrent Therapy
• Laser and Photo Therapy
• Photo Epilation
• Laser Epilation
• Peeling
• Acne Treatment
• HydraFacial
• Facial
• Tattoo Laser Removal
• Trichology
• Medical Hand Care
• Electroepilatia
• Manicure/Pedicure.


• Massage
• Peelings
• Wrappings
• SPA Packages
• Wedding Spa Packages
• SPA Ceremony
• SPA Etiquette.


• Therapist
• Gynecologist
• Endocrinologist
• Sexologist
• Ultrasound Examination
• Dermatologist.


• Clinical research
• Biochemical tests
• Immunologic tests.