Maletti beauty center


Yerevan, Armenia, V.Sargsyan st. 10, I floor №112,
Тел.: (+37410) 543664


Each day "MALETTI" beauty center opens its door to give you the opportunity to be compelling and beautiful. "MALETTI" beauty center will open the doors of the hairdressing hall - a unique workshop to create a fresh and new images: hair, fashion and modern styling and haircuts, hair care, colouring with sophisticated techniques - these are just some of the services offered by the MALETTI beauty center.
Specialists, who treat their job very creatively and professionally, will do any service chosen by you at suitable time for you.
We use only professional products.
Every client is treated individually. We do not like reiterations and sameness.
Making use of our services you will appreciate your choice and the quality of our work.
Used cosmetic lines:
For face: professional cosmetics of L`oreal, Kerastase, Matrix, Majirel, Inoa, Schwarzkopf.
For nail: Orly, L`oreal, Essie, Shellac.


The styling area of salon offers the clients services of creation of stylish hairstyles and hairdos, coloring and treatment of hair, biolamination and etc.
If you want to change your look, to become more beautiful and well-tended – our experienced masters will create for you a bright and unique image. At our salon you will not only be able to make a fashionable hairdo or a hairstyle, but also to order a full complex of services in care of hair.
Your dim and splitting hair, tired of frequent coloring and hair perming, soon will become brilliant and healthy!
In the styling area you will be able to experiment with coloring as well.
Our experts will help you to change your image by means of qualitative hair colors of L’OREAL. The most suitable shade that will be harmoniously combined with your type of look will be selected. You will look like a real star!
After hair-coloring in our beauty shop procedures on treatment of hair by effective preparations will be carried out and that will allow the hair structure restoring and will affect hair growth well. Hair will be simply filled with all necessary nutrients that make up lotions and masks.


Wedding hairstyles for long hair, evening hairstyles:
You would like to be the most beautiful bride, but you can’t choose between huge variety of hairstyles?
The professionals of our center who are also the winners of "Wedding hairstyle" international competition, will help you choose perfect image.
It is possible to decorate hair with live flowers, hairpieces, tresses which will highlight your natural beauty. Hairstyles for every occasion (from graduation to live broadcasts).
Hair extension
It is done by Europe technique in 1.5-2 hours. The special equipment allows to use the technique even on very short hair.


Our professional makeup expert is your irreplaceable assistant and the participant of any shooting, fashion show, show-presentation, a wedding or a party.
The center offers different types of make-up, as they say, for all occasions: day make-up, business make-up, evening make-up, make-up with use of additional accessories: false eyelashes, pastes, podium make-up, children’s make-up for photographing and morning performances, and a portfolio for models (creation of several images).
Henna biotattoos and a permanent makeup that we offer at our center will help you to complete your image and to express your inner world. Professional make-up is a whole art, as well as the creation of a complete image: selection of a toilette, accessories and a hairstyle. The team of stylists-hairdressers and makeup experts at "MALETTI" aesthetic center is ready to make it for you!


Only system care yields good results in achievement of beautiful well-groomed nails and hands: it is simple to have well-groomed hands.
•Classic manicure — manicure with cuticles trimmed including hand massage.
•Hardware manicure (manicure with cuticles pushed back) — cuticle treating by means of a device or an orange tree stick. It includes a mask or massage for hands. Procedure is carried out only on dry skin. Various grinding heads quickly rotating on the device end serve as tools for work
•Nail modeling — the method is intended for a nail plate form and length correction. It is on your choice: gel or acrylic, French modeling.
•Spa-manicure — 60 minute program including a tray for hands with flower oil, a peeling, classic or hardware manicure (on your choice), massage and a mask for hand skin not only take care of your hands, but also promote a general relaxation and positive emotions. A procedure begins with a scrub treatment of hand skin, due to it cork cells are removed and stomas open.

•Nail-art — your nails by means of drawings, pastes and spangles can turn into a real work of art.
•Parafinotherapy is a procedure returning elasticity, softness and well-groomed appearance to hand skin. The majority of salons offer this procedure; it is the leader in manicuring. After peeling and putting nutritious cream hands are dipped into warmed paraffin that increases skin temperature approximately by 20 degrees. As a result blood circulation amplifies, sweat glands work more actively, skin is exempted from toxins and other unnecessary substances.
•Nail covering — classic or “French”, with lacquers or remedies.
•Medical manicure – in winter skin of hands needs more advertence. Frosts and penetrating wind, continuous contact with water and detergents and many other aggressive factors of environment destroy the weak hydro-lipid cover as it is protecting skin of our hands.


Shellac makes the covering process into pleasure. Shellac is the first hybrid nail cover that combines the best features of professional nail polish and modern modeling gels. It is designed according to mail specialists and their client needs. It meets all modern requirements. It is safe, comfortable in use, long lasting, easy to remove and the result meets expectations of even the most demanding clients.
The new cover lasts for about two weeks, so it is ideal for manicure or pedicure. Shellac is durable and great both on natural nail or gel. It also can be used by those who want to have strong nails, as it makes thin and soft nails firm, hard and brittle ones flexible.
Shellac allows choose a color for every outfit as the color range is wide, from pastel shades to bright ones.


•Hardware pedicure will help get rid of corns, calluses, cracks, thin and brittle nails. It will normalize the sweat producing and will prevent fungal infection.
•Nail correction – modern methods and professional products will help forget about the pain caused by ingrown nails, recover the nail after trauma and will give the nails healthy look.
•Nails modeling- will give the right length and shape to nails and strengthen them. Acrylic powder and gel are used.
•Spa-manicure- 90 minute program includes milk foot bath, peeling based on thermal water and sea salt, hardware or classical pedicure, massage with cremes.
•Nail coverage- OPI, Nubar nail polishes, Mavala products, Nail-art (nail decoration with images, rhinestones, piercing).